Musicians and the Internet

In this class and several of my previous classes at BEAU we have talked about resources available to musicians and the impact of said resources. In my opinion the internet is the best and worst tool available to musician.  But I don’t exactly mean ‘best’ and ‘worst’ in the traditional sense. The Future of Music coalition has done many relevant and important studies on the effect of emerging technology on musician’s careers. They can be found on the web here: and the specific article I’m using here:

Now, onto the reason I think the internet is the best thing to happen to all musicians, established or aspiring. They are able to have direct contact with fans. This is important from a musician aspect and from a fan aspect. As of February 2012, 66% of musicians say this is the biggest impact the internet has had on their career. Fans are the people you are playing for and to, so having direct access to them at any time is a huge opportunity.

Now, onto the reason I think the internet might be hurting artists. As of February 2012, 36% said their day-to-day work was more about promotion. An artist’s job is to create art and it is hard to create art when you are online promoting yourself. Artists are now handling more aspects of their careers, which is in my opinion, both a negative and a positive. You want to have as much control over your career as possible but you need time to actually create. By now I think we are all too aware how easy it is to waste a huge amount of time on the internet.


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